Hydraulic Vises & Towers

The PROHOLD PACHDERM™ Vise Towers are the ONLY full hydraulic vise towers on the market today with FULL bi-directional hydraulic action the total travel length of each moving jaw.

 Key Features:

•  Towers have their own 24-volt, internal closed-loop hydraulic pumping units.

•  All eight stations can be controlled individually.

•  Towers can be completely automated.

•  Hydraulic vises use standard aluminum soft jaws, machinable 1018 steel jaws, or quick change top jaws with hardened inserts (configurations are shown in the left column).

•  Towers have cover plates on each vise that protect the internal cavities of the vise from being clogged with chips or swarf.

These vise towers eliminate ergonomic problems associated with manually operated vises while providing operator-independent clamping force on each part for more consistent part-to-part as machined dimensional stability.


Possible configurations for top jaws with hardened steel inserts.

Since the PROHOLD® PACHYDERM™ Vise Tower is hydraulically actuated, it’s electrical control system allows it to be integrated into an automated cell with a horizontal machining center and robot to load and unload the tower, for a stand-alone, completely unmanned production system.


 6” PACHYDERM™ Tower Control Valves and Power Supply Plug


Vise Towers are powered by

an external 24-volt DC power

plug-in power supply.

Toss those vise handles forever!

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