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PROHOLD® makes custom fixturing and workholding projects look easy because we do this for many customers in a variety of industries. We’ve devised ways to hold all kinds of unique products including:

• Hard-to-hold objects like bowling balls and steering knuckles

• Heavy objects like engine blocks and oil industry gate and butterfly valve bodies

• Large products such as excavator turret ring gears and jet engine housing parts

• All types of castings, aluminum, bronze, iron, even plastic

We build on our vast experience and combine various technologies to provide a solution for your most demanding applications. Where a chuck or vise alone will not get the job done, we can integrate swing clamps and work supports to complete the workholding design. Our custom fixturing and workholding solutions are precise and repeatable – as we’ve proven in industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and other precision machining environments.

When you have a workholding problem that you can’t seem to get a grip on, call or write to the experts at PROHOLD® and see how we’re turning the workholding word upside down!

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